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Money-Saving Tips

To cut back expenses, distinguish between needs and wants. A need is essential for survival, such as food and shelter. A want is something you could live without, like fast food or gourmet coffee.

  • Create a budget and stick to it.
  • Set short-term and long-term goals.
  • Use coupons and buy generic brands or items in bulk to save money.
  • Stick to a basic cell phone plan.
  • Compare costs before purchasing items, products and services.
  • Keep your money in the bank rather than in your wallet.
  • Get a roommate to share expenses.
  • Switch to a cheaper subscription for cable or satellite TV service, or cancel the service altogether.
  • Sell possessions you don’t need.
  • Get more tips on how to increase your income.
Avoid the Budget Killers
Cutting back on small expenses can add up to big savings over time. Here are some everyday expenses that may be killing your budget:
Budget Killer Cost Savings in One Year
ATM Fee $3 (weekly) $156
Fast Food Meal $7 (weekly) $364
Evening Movie Ticket $10 (weekly) $520
Vending Machine Soda $2 (daily) $730
Pizza Delivery $15 (weekly) $780
Gourmet Coffee $5 (daily) $1,825
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